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Bucket Truck Service

Our bucket truck service customers include Electric Utilities, Telecommunication Companies, Government Agencies, Contractors and Tree Care Professionals. Our bucket trucks perform a wide range of tasks for almost any utility application: overhead line utilities, tree trimmers, pole setters, large articulated cranes and derricks, and more. We use our bucket truck to service commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties. Paulson Tree and Property Maintenance Company has aerial bucket trucks, with 60-foot booms. We can access 95% of parking lot and site light pole lights.

Routine maintenance like re-lamp and re-ballast is made easy with its 60′ reach which is adequate for the majority of parking lot security lights. Whether you job calls for complex bucket truck task or simple ones like hanging Christmas tree lights, you can count on Paulson Tree and Property Maintenance Company to be there to give you the lift you need.